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tuesday non-terror #34 November 3, 2010

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I would normally put this in its own post(non tuesday terror) but I am having a killer head ache so this is what you get today.

A companion character explained in the DMG2 are characters to tag along with the party and help fill out empty roles ect. However they are not supposed to be too influential or steal the spotlight. With that out of the way here is Quinn. He is a half-elf cleric of Pelor.

In my game he happens to be a resurrected priest of Orcus. So you can play with that if you want but like everything on the blog feel free to do whatever with it.


Oh and I will post a review of how my game with splug went. in short GREAT.


The most important session….the first April 10, 2010

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I truly believe that the very first session will have the greatest impact on the rest of the campaign then any other individual session you play.

I’m talking about creating your characters, and not the stats that can be done at home. Your background and your characters well character are so much of what define them that I think it should be a whole session on its own to create them.

So I’m going to outline some things you can do when your creating your character with the rest of the group. Hopefully it wont be too long winded, although it might end up that way well just have too see. Hope it helps you out.

Keep in mind that these are not in any particular order and play off each other so its good to go back and add more to sections you have already completed at the end.

So first things first a name, if you haven’t thought of one already then here are some ideas

  • look up a name thats meaning relates to your character.
  • Use a name that fits goes with your race
  • If you don’t want to do either of those just think of a name that sounds cool to you.

Think of a few goals for your character to strive for. These not only give your character a reason to adventure but make you think about why your character has these goals, which will help in the background section.

As far as looks go just make your character look cool in your eyes. Whether that means making them sexy or making them bulky and hairy.

Background is probably the most daunting but you shouldn’t feel like you have to write a novel just a page should be enough information on them, and hey you might even continue and end up writing that novel. Focus on what made your character the way they are.   ie:

  • why they are trained in that skill
  • Why/how they are the class they are
  • how they got the armor and weapons they use
  • finally any trails or hardships they have already gone through are good background material.

Your background should also tie back into the goals your character has and how he chose those goals.

The most important thing to focus on is the characters personality. This is what will make your character memorable at the table. People will remember your character better if he is always asking are “we there yet?” Instead of being another gruff dwarf (not that theres anything wrong with gruff dwarves). So

  • Think back to everything else you have written and think about why he does what he does
  • think about the way he acts when he’s alone and how he acts when he’s around others
  • Think of quirks ; quirks are important because they are the most memorable and fun. As far as quirks go make sure that they are unique and make your character more fun to roleplay
  • Accents can work really well if your into it, if not then just think of another way to use your voice like really high or really gravely.
  • A great way to get a good personality is to think of your characters greatest fears. This can be very cool in roleplaying.
  • Finally think of a few quotes to throw around when you: go into battle, cast a particular spell, also you could have a few quotes in different languages that your character knows.

Ok we got through that fairly quickly, hope I helped you guys out there that never know where to go with your characters background.