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I have moved. June 29, 2011

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This blog, as you could probably tell, is not active any longer. I have moved on. 4e was a thing with me, and it still is a part of me, but I do not play as regularly and probably wont for a while. I am still very much into roleplaying and what it has to offer though.

I now run a blog called Get Geek . Check it out if you are interested. We do reviews on Comics, Movies, TV, Music. You name it. We also have a podcast where we look at tropes, and review products, talk about news important to Geeks.  So please if you enjoyed any of the Tuesday Terror’s or any other post here on The Home Den, then come check out the site. I plan to have RPG related content up at some point. I just haven’t figured that out yet.



2010: Top Ten Podcasts February 8, 2011

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Whew. 2010 has been over for a while now but I feel I need to weigh my favorite podcasts of the year. I listen to a lot of podcasts during drives or washing dishes; these podcasts were the ones that made me laugh the hardest, and the ones were simply the funnest to listen to.

10.Fear the Boot: A great podcast about RPG design, theory and game mastering.

9.Post Cards From the Dungeon: A newcomer to me that has left a great impression. The show tackles ideas that help you as a game master get new ideas and thorough analysis of types of adventures, genre’s ect. If you are a gamemaster this is a must listen.

8. Spill Movie Reviews: Current  movie reviews done with multiple hosts and a comedic sensibility what else could I ask for?

7.Critical Hit a Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons podcast: The only actual play podcast I will listen to because it has good sound quality likable characters and a interesting if somewhat strange storyline.

6.Hypothetical Help: Real Advice with a little humor from the poddcaster to you. You can call in and have them help you out. Strong recommend. Very Funny.

5. Film Sack: Love bad 80’s movies? Thats great but you don’t have to, too enjoy this podcast about reviewing all the trash that can be found on netflix streaming. The hosts and their differences make the show what it is.

4. Nobody’s Listening: Even though the show ended in the summer it speaks to the strength of the podcast that it is this far up my list. This is a clean comedy podcast but don’t let that turn you off this is some of the best comedy 2010 had to offer.Also gets my nod for best intro/outro music!

3.Lets Do This! : GET TO DA CHAPA! Yes, this is just pure awesomeness. Be warned though can get very um inappropriate at times I would recommend earphones. Not really a topic that they stick to but its promised to be funny every time.

2. Major Spoilers podcast: Two shows a week. Now that is hard to pull off and still have great content each time. Whether the structured Tuesday show  or the free-form Saturday show they always deliver. Surprisingly I have found that I enjoy the Saturday show more and more.Check it out if you are into comics and pop-culture.

1. Giantbombcast : I wait with baited breath every week for this show and its done in one or two sittings. This is just a fun podcast to listen to even though I don’t play many video games.

Honorable Mention:  Extralife Radio- This would have made the list if it had lasted a little longer into 2010 but only 2 shows proper came out so I didn’t feel right putting it on the list. Great show though.

Heads up July 2, 2010

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just to let you know I’ll be gone this week so there will be no new posts.Thank you and see you next week!

Tenth Doctor the musical April 26, 2010

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Whether you are new to doctor who or are its biggest fan this will bring a smile to your face. Keep in mind its NSFW.

If your not a fan of the doctor’s then what are you doing! Watch the new doctor(Matt Smith) on BBC america here in the states. And if your still out of luck I’m sure you can find it on the interwebz somewhere.