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Review: The Book Thief-by Markus Zusak March 4, 2010

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I’m not usualy into historical fiction at all its just to dry for my tastes but the book thief proved to me that if you have a good story it shouldn’t matter if your story’s set in ancient rome or pandora! The Book Thief is a novel about a german girl; Leisel who’s family dies and she must move in with foster parents. It all takes place in Nazi Germany during world war 2.

The whole story is told from the perspective of death wich gives it a strange twist; you will sometimes find out things out of order wich I’m not sure I liked. The main story and theme is about Leisel changing people’s lives and perspectives on things, with words. The supporting cast consists of her foster family, her neighbor, a jew and the mayor’s wife. The characters are all very likable and relatable and are the strong point of the whole book.

The mood is pleasant because you basically know how the book will end once your about 20 pages in. Most of the book is very peaceful so when something bad happens it hits really hard.  You’ll find your reading the book to learn more about the characters and find out how they got to where they are not to find out what happens.

The book could be called slow in some parts but the characters are endearing enough that you wont mind spending time with them. I wont spoil anything but the book ends satisfyingly and you’ll wish there were more.

The end verdict is check it out. At 560 pages it might take you a while to get through but thats what reading books are for right?