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Tuesday Terror #33(unkillable monsters) October 27, 2010

Posted by Devin in 4e, D&D', RPG.
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Today’s monster needs a bit of explaining.  Have you ever seen that episode of TV where the monster is basically unkillable except for that one really obscure weakness. This is kind of like that.

Steps to make your own.

  1. choose a monster or make your own
  2. come up with a way to kill the monster or a weakness
  3. watch your players squirm as they realize that they cant kill it like all the others!

To test this out I made a villain(in my campaign) that is very well known to a lot of 4th edition players.   I am of course talking about Splug. The one and only. So I basically had Splug outfitted with a magic belt that makes him invulnerable  and able to bash around epic level PC’s. Sounds fun right! Well its easy to make your campaigns wimpiest bady’s into guys your PC’s will be afraid of. Oh and I made his damage extra high because it won’t take long for them to take the belt off Splug.  Other than the gimmick he is a pretty standard monster. If I like how it plays out I might make another with more complicated mechanics.Anyway here he is.



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