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Tusday Terror #24 August 18, 2010

Posted by Devin in 4e, D&D', RPG.
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Ok  well I guess that theme wont work out … but I promise this time it will stay. So the new theme is warforged. OK now with that out of the way I give you the warforged Big Gear.

Towering above you is the metal monstrosity that has been assembling the metal parts of the warforged army you saw earlier. Buzzsaws whir and metal protrusions clank. The tank like treads urch slowly into motion. The machine picks up speed and is rolling right up to you. From out of the panels little bots come scurrying out ready to jump on to any foe that gets to close.

History check DC 21: The Big Gear is a moble command center for warforged. It was created to serve as a transport and indestructible killing machine in one. It does not think like other warforged instead it only does only what its commander wants it to.



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