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Terror Tuesday #23 August 11, 2010

Posted by Devin in 4e, D&D', RPG.
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Its a semi-new month and that means a new theme! I think this month shall be elemental creatures. I’ll try not to be too boring. As you could have guessed by now I make things that I can use in my game and I’m making a temple of elemental(evil?) for them to trudge through.

“From the depths of the volcanoes pit rose a blob dripping in lava. It through a fireball at you and quickly disappeared into the lake of fire.  You fire arrows franticly into the lava but nothing hits its mark. You think it must have left when your back lights a blaze in the most excruciating heat you have ever felt.You slide into the lava and it consumes you.”

* A note:  I made the damage a little low because of the way the lava lurkers powers work they pull PC’s into lava. I would recommend the lava doing about 15-20 damage(fire) per turn.

History DC 23: The lava lurkers were created by the fire giants to assassinate powerful leaders . When the leaders were gone the fire giants would assimilate their army’s into their own.

The giants would set up a meeting with their enemy’s near a volcanic area and have the Lurker kill them before they could figure out what had happened.



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