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Tuesday Terror #22 July 21, 2010

Posted by Devin in 4e, D&D', RPG.
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Corpse Dragon

“You notice a foul stench, like a rotting pig had ate  a pound of maggot infested flesh. Your stomach churns, but even the smell was not enough to prepare you for the sight as you round the corner. At the other end of the cavern is a creature with tattered wings, oozing puss and secreting bile all over its body. There are long scars and visible stitch lines as if the creature  were sown together with the remains of…”

The Corpse Dragon is created by necromancers and are the evolution of the flesh golem. They are constructed from the remains of a dead dragon and bits and pieces of others. They are not constructed to be long lasting, just to be strong enough for the job they were created for.Thus they continually spit up parts of its own body.

Arcana DC 24: The corpse dragon’s were created because other forms of zombification were either too simple or too complicated for many purposes. They are quite simple to create but do not have the power of other re-animations. They are created from the remains of all kinds of creatures with the base of a dragon.



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