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Tuesday Terror #21 July 14, 2010

Posted by Devin in 4e, RPG.
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This months theme shall be… dragons. I know, I know you’d rather see something new but I’ll try my best to not just make them another dragon. Also please leave feedback. If you use it in your game or just have something to say please comment.Also would people like to see the other ages of the Deep Earth Dragon? I could make those pretty easily now that I have a blueprint to work from.

Elder Deep Earth Dragon

“The ground shakes and boulders fall nearby. The ground caves in around you and a great beast made of stone comes flying out of the ground, and before you know it earth and rock has berried you alive!” said the barkeeper.”But thats just an old wives tale no ones every proved the existence of these so-called Deep Earth Dragons.”

The Elder Deep Earth Dragon is a large dragon made of minerals. The dragon does not normally go out of its way to kill, but it is enraged easily much like other dragons. The dragon lives under the ground for the most part.These dragons do not care much for worldly possessions so they don’t have much of a stash. Like other primal dragons the Deep Earth Dragon wants to keep the natural world in balance with civilization and is especially enraged by acts against the wild.

History DC 23: The Deep Earth Dragon like other primal dragons did not want anything to do with the dawn war after Io was destroyed. They wanted to protect the world they had come to call home. They turned to the primal spirits and offered them there services. The Deep Earth dragons were tasked with the protection of the core of the planet, the land and soil that makes of the surface of the world. They were changed by the spirits to specially fit this role.



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