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Tuesday Terror #20 June 29, 2010

Posted by Devin in 4e, D&D', RPG.
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Draconic Abomination

Out of the darkness a great mass of dark sinister eyes open. They reveal intelligence that you have not seen before on your travels. You hear heavy breathing and within seconds 10 eyes are all upon you. Gleaming teeth shine and reveal 5 great jaws. Lumpy, scarred, misshapen heads rise above you and breath down upon you, doom.

The abomination is very large and has the heads of dragons, but it is not a dragon. It does not have wings or a long tail. The abomination is not one for conversation, but that’s not to say it’s not intelligent, because it is. It has a very sinister intelligence always scheming and plotting ways of ruining the lives of its draconic kin.

Religion DC 20: The Draconic Abomination travels the astral sea in search of draconic prey and just general causing destruction to keep the gods occupied.

DC 25: When Io was split into 2(Tiamat, and Bahamut) a small spark of dragon and divinity floated around the astral sea. It found its way to Agathys where the abominations were created. In an accident the spark became transfused with another creature.



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