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Tuesday Terror #19 June 24, 2010

Posted by Devin in 4e, D&D', RPG.
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I feel really bad. I have been busy and wasn’t able to get a new one up last week and this one’s late. I hope you guys aren’t too disappointed. Anyway I have been thinking that well my posts are pretty skimpy. I hope to make them a little more fleshed out. Even though this months more than half over I wanted to try and make a theme for this months monsters. Ok on with the monster then.

— The great warrior stumbled through the forest bleeding trying to stay away from the beast that was stalking him. He felt his blood go warm and saw a pair of shimmering eyes in the bushes ahead of him. His blood sharpened within him and stabbed his heart leaving him to bleed to death in the forest underbrush–

Blood Benders are about average hight(for a human). They look semi human with bone and flesh sticking out at random intervals along there body.  His eyes are perpetually shimmering like oil. They have strange frilled pores around their faces to send out the blood bending hormones.

Blood Bender Lore

Religion DC 19: Blood Bender were created from the blood of the gods when first creating the abominations. They are surprisingly smart and they can track prey for weeks on end with out rest. The way they think makes them physical incapable of not hunting something once they have started. Many things can start a Blood Benders Hunt but, the smell of blood, enrage-meant and territorial protection are the most common.



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