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Terror Tuesday #13 May 5, 2010

Posted by Devin in 4e, D&D', RPG.
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The sea beast is like the kracken if you remember that. It is a huge HUGE monster that is literally a force of nature. Creating storms and tsunamis on  a whim. Keep in mind when you use the sea beast that the sea beast is using Quinn Murphy’s rules (which can be found here http://at-will.omnivangelist.net/2010/04/1511/), and the powers with the worldbreaker keyword are optional. But they are an excellent addition to Solo’s uhh solo’nes.



1. Jacob Zim - May 30, 2011

the right edge of the stat block is gone…

dwashba - May 30, 2011

Ya, sorry I haven’t been keeping tabs on the site. I will try to fix this. I am thinking of migrating the content over to my new blog http://wegetgeek.wordpress.com/. I just wanted to do something that wasn’t completely roleplaying focused. I am planning on having RPG content on that site though. Thanks for the heads up Jacob.

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