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Terror Tuesday’s #2 February 11, 2010

Posted by Devin in D&D', RPG.
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This monster was built to be used with other kracken spawns witch I will release later. But they can works well with other creatures.


The octopus like kracken spawn is about 3 feet in stature and has 12 tentacles. They can range from a deep blue to a very bright purple. There are eyes all around the spawn’s head.

water slip– the spawn makes a sucking sound and becomes very small in the water allowing it to boost its body around almost anywhere for a short amount of time.

puss excrete– the spawn opens up its pores and excretes a puss like substance that burns at whatever it touches.

puss explosion– the spawn’s heart explodes witch opens up all of the pores and bursts the body.


The spawn uses its water slip to get into the best position to use puss excrete and then makes constricting grip attacks on the most vulnerable target it can find.

The spawns are controlled by the kracken that they spawned from, and are completely lifeless if the kracken is dead or too far away. They work in packs and gang up on the weakest target. The kracken itself rarely goes into battle with its minions. The kracken usually stays on the sidelines rocking the boat the battle is taking place on or helping their minions in some  other  indirect way.



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