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The Strangers Part 2 January 30, 2010

Posted by Devin in short story's.
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Tony knew the best way to go to the source. He hit the bars and he stayed in the Salty Dog scoping the place out for a while. He heard some stuff about where the Strangers were going, but that didn’t matter now. Tony was about to leave when he saw a slimy looking fellow like a salamander taking a girl to the back alley. Tony followed checking to make sure that no one was watching him. The guy holding his hand against the wall. Tony grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back while nodding to the girl and growling ” get out of here.”
“Hey man what is this about?” said the greasy man.
After a long breath Tony replied “You got a name kid?”
” You gona* answer my question?” he said adjusting his black leather jacket.
” I ask the questions around here, punk. So what can I call you?”
” Franky .”
” Franky eh, nice name , I new a Franky once.”
” Oh, tha.”
” But he’s dead.”
“Right , well I don’t remember what you said you were here for.”
“Franky,” Tony edged closer to Franky. ” I ask the questions, remember!”
” Ask already then.”
” Where’s your boss?”
” Don’t ask me man , I don’t take direct orders from ‘him’,” Franky shifted uneasily. ” I mean its, ‘him’,” he said in a hushed voice.
” Come on you must of at least overheard where your HQ is, Franky. Don’t play dumb with me.”
” Hey even if I do tell you some’in, what are you gona do.”
” I’m going to put him down like the crazed animal he is.”
” He he, well in that case he hangs out by the junkyard.”
” It’s been doing business with you Franky,” Tony turned and walked away, ” I’ll make sure they get a nice and comfy cell for you.”
” Ya sure old man.”
Tony made a swift and silent voyage out of the club into the slightly illuminated streets. Tony knew where the junkyard was. Tony didn’t stop for anything, he went straight to the junkyard . As he got closer to the junkyard fewer streetlights were working and the streets were generally wore down. Tony had reached the junkyard or rather above it. There was a metal railing around the junkyard. As if simple metal bars could contain the filth that was within. Tony reaching the railing striped off his leather jacket revealing his black Gordon State shirt. Tony hoisted himself up and over the railing and pushed.


1. dwashba - January 30, 2010


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