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The Strangers part 1 January 29, 2010

Posted by Devin in short story's.
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Tony walked home on a gloomy, rainy night. Tony was in a good mood, he had just left his old friend Joe’s home. He was dressed in blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a brown leather jacket. Under the glow of the streetlight  you could have made out that he wore a big mustache, and a tuft of gray hair on the back of his bald head. His mood was darkening as he passed buildings sprayed with the mark of the Strangers. Tony could recall a time when the Strangers weren’t polluting the city. Tony couldn’t help but think about the Strangers as neared his home. How they ran rampant over his city; like a group of festering disease ridden rodents. Tony fumbled with his keychain, as he reached the doormat. Just then he heard sirens, wailing, blasting. Tony’s combat training kicked in. He froze then realizing what it was and relaxed . That is until he noticed that the sirens were getting closer . A fire truck , and a police car sped by. They were going in the direction that Tony came. Tony’s mind went to the worst possible conclusion and forced his body into a run.
That smell…….smoke. He pushed himself, running and wheezing as he grew closer to the sound and smell. Tony rounded a corner and then came to a full stop. Taking a break to breath , he gathered his senses. Down the street he saw flames. Big, glowing, flames. He knew it was Joe’s house, he knew that it was too late. Nevertheless he resumed his run towards the fire and charcoal like smoke. A free policeman told him to go home and that they would call him in the morning about everything.Tony wasn’t listening. Something had caught his eye. He nodded to the police officer and moved to see what it was. On the rooftop of that new kid in town. He saw figures standing there in dirty, sweatshirts and torn up pants. Strangers! Tony would know there look anywhere. Tony clenched his fist, letting his nails bite into his palm.
” officer!” Tony beckoned toward the cop.
” what is it Tony didn’t I tell you to go home?” replied the cop.
“Look there ,” Tony pointed to the spot where the Strangers had been. There was no one there. Damn this isn’t going to work, thought Tony.
“Theres no one there , you can go home,” the cop patted Tony on the shoulder, “Well catch who did it dont worry.”
Without another word Tony turned around with only one thing on his mind. Revenge.



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